Juoul was founded in 2013 by Jung. Since 2015 he has been working and producing in berlin germany.
While studying metal craft for 3 years, he has also built his career as a jewelry design director.

Led by his values background, many of his works are created in relationship of contiuance beteween metal and space. this forms the basic and form of design through this Inspired by the big themes of machinery and steel works, material selection and composition elements are built in detail to form a main frame.

The basic natures of the metals are revisited and re-analyzed to find new ways to interpret them to make product differentiation and to provide higher value.

For a work of juoul to be implemented in practice,it is through numerous iterative processes until it is completed as one mind.

Hence for these repetitive processes, our methods of work and techniques have five essential requirements;

- Irregularity
- Structure
- Stability
- Completeness
- Basic forms

These five elements are fundamental to all our processes.

Our molded products are added with surfaces of different elevations, forming curved shapes in the aggregate.
Metals have beautiful intrinsic characteristics and aspects, but the texture of the surface is more differentiated through juouls own polishing process.

All pieces are handmade with artisan spirit ans master craftsmanship.